screenshot Our team at QuantiCode was a little fed up with the established range of level settings in normal games. As we were trying to make a 'realistic' shooter, set in the present time, our choices were limited however. After some research, we decided to feature only one global setting, namely a Central European alpine scenery in all its glory. The effect may be properly described as 'Sound of Music' meets 'Terminator' (although we have less singing and no cyborgs).
screenshot Limiting ourselves to only one setting may seem a bit cheap and lazy at first sight, but owing to the fact that we are a very small team we had to choose between realizing a multitude of different but unplayable settings, or one setting 'reduced to the max', recycling a set of assets as good as possible and concentrating on more important issues like level design and gameplay.
screenshot Although the five currently available levels (three Deathmatch, two Beaconstrike) use the same basic setting, they look and feel completely different. There are different seasons, different times of day, and every level has unique assets and models. Map packs with new settings are also planned but depend solely on the success of the retail version (they will be offered free of charge).