screenshot Zero Ballistcs features Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and the by now legendary Beaconstrike mode (legendary at least here, at QuantiCode headquarters). Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch follow the well established rules and are excellent to let off some steam during fast paced dogfights. Ammunition is infinite, and the levels range from wide and sparsely settled areas to small and crowded valleys.
screenshot The Beaconstrike mode is targeted at players looking for rewarding and challenging tactical team based gameplay. Two opposing forces, called the 'Attackers' and the 'Defenders' for simplicity, fight over map domination. The Attacker's goal is to enlarge his area of influence with the help of 'Beacons' and conquer the Defender's outposts in a given time limit, which is prolonged with each conquered base.
screenshot The Defender's sole mission is to distract the Attacker as much as possible by destroying his Beacons, thus keeping his advance at bay. The Defenders tend to level up easier as they get upgrade points for every destroyed Beacon, while the Attacker is never short of ammunition, recharging constantly while inside his own area of influence. This asymmetric setup is further accented by specially tailored Beaconstrike maps, promising endless hours of fun.